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How You Can Make Selling Up in Fall or Winter a Success

Many people believe that fall and winter are not the ideal time to sell a home. This is because some buyers may not be looking to move during the busy holiday season. However, with the right planning and staging, you can make this the perfect time to sell.

Our homes might not be the most presentable during the holidays. Yet, a clean,
organized home is crucial to staging and creating a sense of space. Firstly, choose somewhere to store your clutter. These should be items that you do not have a place for but want to keep. However, try to get rid of clothing you have not worn for a while or bulky furniture that makes your rooms appear small. Next, mobilize your house to clean up the clutter. Also, if you have a pet, go through your house and remove any stains or lingering odors. However, don't do everything at once, as this could easily become overwhelming; besides, you still want to enjoy the holidays!

A cold house is unlikely to inspire a successful sale, so you want your home to be
warm and accommodating before holding viewings. With that in mind, inspect your property for drafts and make sure that your heater is in excellent condition. However, the inside of the home is just one worry. Don't overlook the outdoors, as this can also be a deterrent; while viewers may not look outside closely, they could still notice indicators of structural damage. Clean out your gutters to prevent poor weather from putting your property at risk. By addressing any outstanding repairs, you can reassure potential buyers and make your open house a positive experience.

First Impressions
It's easy to let things slide when cold weather hits. Conditions in late fall and winter aren't forgiving to our yards, but you can still invest in
curb appeal. At the least, clear away detritus, such as fallen branches and overgrown bushes, or shovel up snow. This helps demarcate your landscape and show that your home is maintained. Also, look to brighten up your restored yard to offset the darker months. Fresh coats of paint can be transformative, while lanterns and wreaths offer seasonal vibrancy. You might inject some color with potted plants and a flower garden; use plants like mums or kail, as well as shrubs like holly and witch hazel. Whatever additions you choose, don't overlook the importance of curb appeal in attracting buyers.

Making a home feel cozy is a great way to stage and put potential buyers at ease. Lighting can help with this, as its ambience can set a room's tone. If you have a fireplace, light it to add warmth and character. Add cute
draft blockers to keep out the cold, and give your couches extra throw cushions. Bring your rooms to life with plants and fairy lights in mason jars. You could go the extra mile by baking goods and having warm drinks on hand for those coming in from the cold. Little touches will make your home stand out in the winter market.

Seasonal Embellishments
The holidays are a time for positivity and creativity. You can capture its ambient comforts without going overboard with blinding lights. These embellishments can be as subtle as adding festive
scents such as ginger or chocolate in each room. Decorate tastefully, but do so in a way that evokes your own festive spirit. If you love snow, then you could decorate with DIY snowflake ornaments. You could reference winter fashion by using pillows and blankets that replicate snug sweaters. If you add holiday lighting, do so judiciously. Remember that your decorations should complement your home, not define it.

You may be worried that this is not the time to sell, but you can reap the rewards with the right preparation. Make your home a canvas to experiment with. Stage it tastefully, and reflect seasonal warmth without excess. These holidays can be a happy one for sellers.

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