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A Smooth Move

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If youíre relocating for a new job or starting your business in a new place, you can expect to have to go through a few rough patches. But, with some proper, pre-navigation plans in place, it is possible to smooth those rough spots down, ensuring you donít leave anything to chance.

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Your Home Search
Doing an 
online search of your new hometown can give you a good idea of what areas youíll want to narrow your search to. If youíll be working in an office, commute times, parking, and transportation availability will be factors.

Once you have the areas you want to see first-hand selected, contact a real estate agent for those areas and set up an appointment. They may even pick you up at the airport and drive you to and from your hotel. Give yourself at least three days to look at homes and neighborhoods. If you canít find your home in that amount of time, your agent can keep looking for you, but be prepared to act quickly since in todayís market, homes, both for sale and rent, move fast. Make sure you have a scanning printer at home to send documents in case you canít get back to take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Taking Care of Business
If youíll be doing a job search in your new town, there are plenty of ways to do that before you actually move. First, make sure your resume is up to date. Choose from a selection of free 
resume templates that can allow you to customize your resume with a library of designs, fonts, colors, and images. Simply add your text and youíll have a stellar, professional resume ready to send out.

If youíre opening your own business, check with local officials there to see what licenses are required. If you can, have as much paperwork done before the move as you can. Consider forming your company as an LLC to cut down on paperwork. Itís easy to do, you donít need legal help, takes only a few minutes, and costs less than $50. Youíll reduce your tax burden that way, too, as well as protect your personal assets.

Loading Up and Moving Out
Itís a good idea to know how much space youíll have in your new place before contracting with a 
moving company. Also, consider if it would be cheaper to leave/sell some heavy items behind and purchase replacements when you arrive. Many times, the cost of moving some items is more than they are worth. Check references and reviews of any mover before you contract with them and see if they offer any discounts for being flexible with dates if thatís an option for you.

Clearly mark your boxes with the name of the contents and a number. Then keep a list of those boxes and numbers to ensure you receive them all. Take pictures of furniture in case you need to make any damage claims.

Plan to stay in a hotel the night after the move in your old town, then a night or two more in your new town as you await delivery trucks or complete real estate or rental details.

The Arrival
The first days will be flurries of activity. Arranging for utilities to be turned on, getting 
vaccination and health records for schools, having driverís licenses and vehicle registration and tags updated, and finalizing housing contracts.

The following days will be hectic as well while you unpack, get groceries in, learn where things are, and if youíll be working in a new office, introduce yourself to everyone there. After that, plan to give yourself and your family time to get acquainted and comfortable with their new neighborhood and town. Check out where the parks are. See where the nearest zoo, aquarium, museum, or pizza parlor is. Introduce yourself to your neighbors, your childrenís teachers, and if youíre a business owner, the local Chamber of Commerce.

No one really enjoys moving, but as long as youíve prepared ahead of time, it can be a lot less worrisome and a lot more exciting. 

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